Men's Stainless Steel Mariner Lobster Chain

  • No co-pay. This stainless steel chain is already covered by your insurance. Dental work? That’s unclear.
  • No check-ups.Just put on this stainless steel necklace and the whole process is finished. You won’t have to tighten this chain!
  • Boosts popularity.Instead of making your crush say she’d rather kiss a chainsaw. If that’s not a common experience, then never mind. Whatever. I’m fine.
  • Forget the past. You’ve got a one way ticket to chill town, and it’s the receipt for this chain necklace.
  • Show them all.You’re a stylish city guy with a stainless steel chain now. Forget those haters. They probably work at a gas station.
  • Gold
  • Steel
  • 20 IN
  • 22 IN
  • 24 IN
  • 30 IN

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20 IN, 22 IN, 24 IN, 30 IN


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